Weekly Canadian Immigration News Review & IRCC Updates September 25 – October 1 2023


A founding partner of Abramovich & Tchern and a skilled litigator, Lev focuses exclusively on immigration and refugee law. His immigration practice is focused on complex corporate and personal immigration and refugee law matters.
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Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers present a weekly news review specifically focused on Canadian immigration and provide valuable updates and insights on the latest immigration policies, regulations, and trends in Canada.

IRCC Held Three Express Entry Draws In One Week

In the last week of September, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held three draws under the Express Entry system. On September 26, IRCC invited 3,000 candidates under all immigration programs. The next day, the Government of Canada issued 500 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to francophone candidates. On September 27, IRCC held the first occupation-specific Express Entry draw for candidates with experience in the agriculture and agri-food sectors and issued 600 ITAs. The Express Entry draw for agriculture workers had the lowest score for 2023 – only 354 points. So far, IRCC invited 86,048 Express Entry candidates in 2023.

Express Entry is a program the Government of Canada implemented to manage and facilitate the immigration process for skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents. It provides a streamlined and efficient pathway for eligible individuals to apply for permanent residency based on their education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors. The Government will continue to hold invitation rounds throughout 2023. If you are considering applying for permanent residence through the Express Entry program, Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers are ready to assist you immediately. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers to get help with your application.

Ontario Invited Healthcare Workers and Business Candidates Under The OINP

On September 25, 2023, the provincial Government of Ontario held a new draw under the Entrepreneur Stream of the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) and invited ten business candidates. In addition, on September 26, Ontario held a new draw under the Human Capital Priorities Stream and targeted 1,696 applicants with work experience in healthcare occupations. In 2023, the OINP issued 34,696 invitations under all streams, including 58 entrepreneurs and 14,091 Human Capital Priorities Stream candidates. If you also want to immigrate to Ontario under one of the OINP streams, do not hesitate to contact Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers.

The OINP is an immigration program to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs to Ontario, allowing eligible individuals to apply for a provincial nomination and Canadian permanent residence. By applying under the OINP, individuals can live and work in Ontario, a province known for its economic opportunities, cultural diversity, and high standard of living. The program plays a crucial role in supporting the province’s economic growth and development by attracting talented individuals who can contribute to the local workforce and community. If you also want to immigrate to Ontario, Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers can help you navigate the application process and increase your chances of successfully immigrating to Ontario.

The Canadian Government Will Not Require Express Entry Candidates To Provide An Upfront Medical Examination

On September 29, 2023, the Government of Canada updated the medical examination requirement for Express Entry applicants. Starting from October 1, 2023, there have been changes in the application process regarding upfront medical examinations. Instead of undergoing a medical examination at the beginning of the application process, applicants are now advised to wait for specific instructions before proceeding. Once they receive the instructions, applicants will have 30 days to complete the medical examination. This modification aims to simplify the application process and ensure that medical examinations are conducted at the most appropriate time for the applicants.

All candidates applying for permanent residence in Canada must undergo a medical examination. The exam can be done in the applicant’s home country or any country of choice, but it must be conducted by a designated panel physician approved by IRCC. The required medical tests include general physical checks, chest X-rays, blood tests for HIV and Syphilis, and urine tests. Applicants and their family members must be healthy per Canada’s immigration regulations. Individuals with certain diseases or medical conditions may be considered inadmissible to Canada after the medical examination.

Senators Call For Improved Management of Canada’s international Student Program 

According to a report by Sabi Marwah, Ratna Omidvar, Yuen Pau Woo, and Hassan Yussuff, Canada faces integrity challenges in its international student program. The report “Strengthening the Integrity of Canada’s International Student Program” recommends addressing these challenges. International students are valuable to Canada economically, socially, and culturally. However, the program claims that the program has been exploited, and the Canadian Government needs to make changes to protect students and maintain the program’s integrity. 

Many international students face challenges involving high tuition fees, abuse, and inadequate student support. Federal, provincial, and territorial governments and other stakeholders are responsible for these challenges. To address these issues, the report suggests reviewing the financial stability of designated learning institutions, greater oversight on institutions, addressing housing supply, and informing international students of their rights. The Federal Government is called to strengthen verification processes and regulations related to education agents.

British Columbia Invited Tech Workers And Skilled Candidates Under The BCPNP

British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) has been actively inviting tech workers and skilled candidates to apply for permanent residency. The BCPNP is designed to address the labour market needs of British Columbia and support the growth of its technology sector. On September 26, the province issued 127 invitations in the Tech-targeted draw, 49 invitations in the Childcare-targeted draw, 28 invitations in the Healthcare-targeted draw and fewer than five ITAs for other priority occupations. By inviting tech workers and skilled candidates, British Columbia aims to attract top talent worldwide and contribute to the province’s thriving tech industry. Including the last draw, British Columbia invited 7,852 candidates in 2023.

The BCPNP is a provincial immigration program that allows foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada. It is designed to attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates with the skills and experience required to contribute to the economy of British Columbia. The BCPNP offers various streams through which individuals can apply for nomination and, if successful, obtain Canadian permanent residency. The BCPNP plays a crucial role in supporting the economic growth and development of British Columbia by selecting and nominating individuals who have the potential to make a positive impact on the province. Contact us to learn more about possible ways of immigration to British Columbia.

The Government of Canada Extended Support Measures For Applicants From Türkiye and Syria 

On September 29, 2023, the Canadian Government made an important announcement regarding the support for Turkish and Syrian temporary residents in Canada who were impacted by the devastating earthquakes that occurred in Türkiye and Syria in February 2023. Recognizing these individuals’ ongoing challenges, the Government has decided to extend the measures to provide them with the necessary assistance. This extension, which will be in effect until January 3, 2024, offers Turkish and Syrian nationals in Canada valid temporary resident status to continue their studies, pursue employment opportunities, and stay with their families in Canada.

Moreover, these individuals now have the flexibility to switch between different temporary streams and take advantage of an open work permit, allowing them to explore new avenues and make the most of their time in Canada. It is crucial to mention that these measures aim to support Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Türkiye and Syria who have been affected by the earthquakes and are returning to Canada. By providing this extended support, the Canadian Government reaffirms its commitment to stand by those impacted by natural disasters and strives to facilitate their integration and well-being in Canada.

Alberta Conducted Four Occupation-Specific Draws Under The AAIP

Alberta conducted occupation-specific draws under the Alberta Express Entry Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). The province held four invitation rounds, inviting 476 tourism, hospitality, healthcare workers, and Family Connection pathway candidates. The Provincial Government started conducting occupation-specific draws under the AAIP in the first half of 2023. These draws aim to address labour shortages in critical sectors of the province’s economy. By targeting specific occupations, the province attracts skilled workers who could contribute to the growth and development of these industries. So far, Alberta invited 3,335 Express Entry candidates in 2023.

The AAIP attracts skilled immigrants to Alberta, offering various pathways for individuals with the skills and qualifications needed to contribute to Alberta’s economy and society. The program focuses on prioritizing candidates with work experience and skills in specific industries in high demand in the province. By attracting skilled immigrants, the AAIP aims to strengthen the province’s workforce, promote economic growth, and enhance cultural diversity, providing opportunities for individuals to build successful careers and contribute to the vibrant communities of Alberta. Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers can help you assess your eligibility for the AAIP, providing personalized advice and assistance in preparing the required documents. Contact us to maximize your chances!

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Lev Abramovich

A founding partner of Abramovich & Tchern and a skilled litigator, Lev focuses exclusively on immigration and refugee law. His immigration practice is focused on complex corporate and personal immigration and refugee law matters.