Nazir V. Valani Global

SMOOTH FIRST LMIA: Our company hired Lev Abramovich to apply for our first Labour Market Impact Assessment, after we were not able to find a domestic candidate with the right skillset. Lev provided excellent guidance throughout the process. His comprehensive LMIA application lead to a positive opinion being issued. I find Lev to be direct, knowledgeable, and responsive. Lev subsequently helped our worker navigate the COVID-19 related entry requirements in a smooth and predictable fashion. I highly recommend Abramovich & Tchern’s services to companies seeking assistance with corporate immigration matters.

Yuliya Udovenko

TOGETHER AGAIN: We hired Lev Abramovich after unsuccessfully applying for a visitor visa for a family member. Lev reviewed the previous application as well as the officer’s notes and outlined a clear strategy for the new application, which addressed the officer’s concerns. Despite the initial rejection, Lev’s carefully drafted submissions helped our family obtain a visitor visa. We thank Lev for his work and recommend his services.

Crystal Soldan Dywidag Systems International

URGENT INTRA-COMPANY TRANSFER: We retained Abramovich & Tchern to prepare an urgent intra-company transfer application in the midst of COVID-19. Lev and Ksenia provided our company with first-rate guidance, assessing our options and setting out a clear path forward. Their knowledge and professionalism lead to the application being prepared in a very short time frame and approved on an urgent basis—in a matter of days! This allowed us to continue meeting our contractual obligations with respect to an important infrastructure project. We found Lev and Ksenia very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. We recommend their services to companies seeking immigration help.

Andrey Naryzhny Northview Windows and Doors

BIG PICTURE ADVICE: Lev has acted as our immigration counsel for the last eight years. He provides us with legal advice on all of our immigration matters, including recruitment, retention and overall strategy. He also helps our workers transition to permanent residency. On every individual matter, he is always looking at the big picture. He considers our company’s business goals and develops our immigration and foreign workforce strategy with that in mind. He doesn’t just handle our applications—he provides us with high level business advice pertaining to immigration. We highly recommend Lev and Abramovich & Tchern to companies who want their immigration lawyer to be more than a paper pusher.

Aimira Hergott

PERMANENT RESIDENCY: Lev Abramovich assisted me with a permanent residency application. Lev ensured that all supporting documents complied with IRCC requirements, helped us obtain bridging work permits while our applications were being processed and ultimately ensured we received our permanent residency status as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Vasilious Sevastidis

TURNED BAD SITUATION AROUND: When we initially came to Canada, we had received bad immigration advice that led to a deportation. While we hired Lev too late to stop the deportation, he quickly worked with my employer to obtain an LMIA and an authorization to return to Canada in a very short period of time. He subsequently helped us with various immigration matters. Our family is now settled in Canada, and is awaiting permanent residency. We are very grateful for his work.

Mansour Karami

PROVINCIAL NOMINATION: I hired Lev to handle my immigration application. He helped me obtain a PNP in Ontario, and then worked with me towards getting my permanent residency, which I received successfully. Throughout it all, he was very responsive and accommodating. I highly recommend his services to other immigrants.

Sunny Patel SMTEL Call Exchange

SAVED BY JUDICIAL REVIEW: Lev and Ksenia came to my rescue when my LMIA based work permit application was denied, twice. They filed an Application for Leave and Judicial Review to the Federal Court, requesting for the decision to be set aside and re-reviewed. They are true professionals who exhibited empathy, passion and talent during the process and fought to overturn a decision which had impacted my life so severely. It was such a relief when I was told that they were successful in setting aside the negative decision – and even more ecstatic when the work permit, after reassessment, was finally approved! Hiring Lev and Ksenia to save my work permit was the best thing I did. I highly recommend their firm, Abramovich & Tchern Immigration Lawyers, to anyone who needs advocates in their corner.

Vijay Veerachandran SOHO Square Solutions

WORK PERMIT TO PERMANENT RESIDENCE: I have been working with Ksenia for over the past 3 years, where she has successfully assisted my company transfer employees to our new Canadian branch office from the United States. She has also been able to transition these foreign national employees into permanent residents. It is a pleasure to have Ksenia as my go-to immigration lawyer.

Robert Bryars Kaitech Automation

NEW COMPANY GLOBAL TALENT STREAM LMIA: We reached out to Ksenia to assist our newly-formed Canadian office obtain work authorization high-skilled foreign worker under the Global Talent Stream LMIA program. It was easy to communicate our needs, and she would provide thorough explanations on what to expect in the process, so we were never in the dark. With Ksenia’s assistance, we were able to secure a positive decision and have our new employee start working in Canada in a very short amount of time. We look forward to continuing working with her.

Paul Pabla Thoughtstorm

WORK PERMIT FOR FOREIGN WORKER: As the company’s growth accelerated, we needed to look to the foreign labour pool to meet our employee shortages. We retained Ksenia to help us navigate the complex LMIA process to hire foreign workers. Her experience and knowledge in the arena was evident from the start, and she was always available to address our questions/concerns throughout the process. With Ksenia’s assistance, we received a positive LMIA and are now able to bring our foreign worker to Canada.

Nikita Banga Student Direct Stream (SDS), Study Permit Applicant

STUDY PERMIT DURING COVID: I have always wanted to pursue my studies in Canada – so when I was accepted to a highly acclaimed University in Vancouver, British Columbia, I knew I had to connect with an immigration lawyer so I wouldn’t risk jeopardizing such an important application. Ksenia had helped my father secure a work permit for his business in Canada, so I retained her to complete my study permit application under the Student Direct Stream. Applying during the COVID19 pandemic was stressful given all the restrictions, but Ksenia’s understanding of current rules and policy aided in the submission of a strong application. I am glad to report that I will be able to pursue my goal of studying in Canada – as my study permit was approved. Me and my family are grateful to Ksenia as she has assisted us all in our immigration journey.