British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs


A founding partner of Abramovich & Tchern, Ksenia started her legal career at one of Canada’s top immigration firms, where she operated her own immigration law practice, with a focus on corporate and individual immigration applications.

British Columbia’s diverse economy requires workers in skilled and unskilled high-demand occupations. To that end, the economic streams of British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) offer opportunities to immigrants who may not qualify for immigration under the federal or other provincial streams.

BC PNP Tech Program

The BC PNP Tech program, now permanent after a successful pilot phase, is a terrific job-offer driven stream with priority processing and an LMIA exemption. It allows BC tech employers to recruit and retain international talent when local skilled workers are unavailable. We’ve found it to be an excellent and expedited immigration pathway for clients with tech skills.

The BC PNP Tech Program, as the Government of British Columbia explains,  is differentiated by a focus on:

  • Service: A dedicated BC PNP concierge for tech employers provides tailored information and navigation assistance for immigration programs and processes.
  • Timeliness: Weekly invitations to apply are issued to qualified skilled tech workers, minimizing the wait for employers and their prospective employees.
  • Prioritization: Tech applications are prioritized during processing to meet the sector’s fast-paced demands.
  • Engagement: Continuous support is provided to tech sector employers through proactive engagement activities and participation at key industry events.

It is focused on 29 in-demand tech occupations, which can be viewed and downloaded from here.

The British Columbia government continues to engage with the tech sector to keep the program timely and aligned with BC’s economic needs. We are very excited about the possibilities the BC Tech Program offers to immigrants with skills and experience in the tech sector. Talk to us to discover whether this program is an option for you.

If you would like to learn more about the BC PNP Tech Program, the Government of British Columbia has prepared a robust information gateway for interested applicants. You may:

Think the BC Tech Pilot program is right for you? Contact our office today to book a consultation with us so that we can help guide you. 

BC PNP – Skilled Worker

The Skills Immigration (SI) – Skilled Worker category of the BC PNP offers  a route for workers in a professional, management, technical, trade or other skilled occupation to gain permanent residence in British Columbia (BC).

To qualify, you must first accept a valid job offer from a BC employer. You also need relevant training and experience.

BC PNP Skilled Worker Category Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have accepted a full-time, indeterminate job offer (a permanent job, or one with no set end date) from a B.C. employer. The job must be in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) skilled occupation (Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B);
  • Be qualified to perform the duties of the job;
  • Have at least two (2) years of directly related work experience;
  • Show they can support themselves and their dependents;
  • Have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada;
  • For NOC skill level B occupations, meet minimum language requirements;
  • Have a wage offer in line with B.C. wage rates for the occupation.

For employers to be eligible to use the program, they must:

  • Be established as an employer in good standing in B.C.;
  • Provide full-time, indeterminate (permanent or with no set end date) employment;
  • Have a history of good workplace and business practices;
  • Sign an employer declaration;
  • Meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements, where applicable;
  • Make the applicant a full-time, indeterminate job offer; and,
  • Offer the applicant a wage in line with industry standards;

Additionally, employers must be willing to support an employee’s application and fulfill certain responsibilities during the application process.

Interested in this program? You can find out if you qualify for Express Entry BC — Skilled Worker by filling out an online profile. You can also find out more about the BC’s Skilled Worker program here. And, of course, our lawyers are happy to discuss if this option is the right path to permanent residency for you, as well as to support your employer through the process.

British Columbia PNP: Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

British Columbia is one of the only provinces that has a program targeting entry level and semi-skilled workers, creating a pathway for permanent residence for those who traditionally will be left out by the federal Express Entry system.

Right now, this specific category targets workers in a valid tourism/ hospitality, long-haul trucking, or in a food processing occupation to gain permanent residence in British Columbia.

BC PNP Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Program Eligibility Requirements

 To be eligible for the program, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a full-time, permanent job offer from a B.C. employer in a specific occupation in the tourism/ hospitality, long-haul trucking, or the food processing industry in a NOC C or D position;
  • Have been working for the employer on a full-time basis for at least nine consecutive months before the application;
  • Meet the minimum language (CLB 4 in all areas) and education (minimum secondary school or equivalent) requirements;
  • Possess the necessary qualifications (if applicable);
  • Be able to support themselves and their dependent(s) if applicable;
  • Have legal status in Canada; and
  • Be earning a wage equal or higher to the B.C. wage for the occupation.

To apply to this stream, candidates must create a profile within the BC PNP registration system online, which will then be reviewed and scored. Those with the highest scores will then be invited to apply online directly.

Ksenia Tchern

A founding partner of Abramovich & Tchern, Ksenia started her legal career at one of Canada’s top immigration firms, where she operated her own immigration law practice, with a focus on corporate and individual immigration applications.